2018 Reloaded

Can I be honest? I have no idea where the past two months have gone. Christmas was quiet but so wonderful for us. We celebrated New Years in Fairmont with my family which was also quiet but so nice mainly because it was my first trip out of the city in a year and since I had Bastian! I didn’t realize how cooped up I’ve been since I had him, but he is still hit or miss in the car (screaming his head off…so help me), so I don’t really feel the pull to go anywhere with him in the near future. But I lied because the weekend after Fairmont, we had to take Nolan to Vancouver for a football practice for Team BC, a select football team he tried out for on December 9. You got to love Nolan. He wanted to try out for this U18 team to measure himself up with other players, he said he wouldn’t make the team then guess what? At the tryout they tell him that he made the team and they fly to Dallas on January 15th to play in AT&T Stadium where scouts will be watching. Good luck shutting that one down…we tried! So we took him to practices two weekends in a row. In the middle of that, January 11 to be exact, Wylder, turned 2! How is that boy 2 already! We celebrated him with a trendy donut party, it was so great.

Nolan thrived in Dallas. I honestly believe, given the opportunity, he never would’ve come home. The kid always loved summer camp, and what’s better than summer camp? Football camp! A week of football, all of which your teammates are just as passionate as you are about the sport, your coaches are A+, the head coach is a CFL Great to boot, and then you get to play in an NFL stadium. Duh. He did not want it to end. He will be going back there, only next time for Team Canada. His team got beat pretty badly by Team USA, but Nolan himself, played a great game and was approached by a Canadian college afterwards which now makes that two colleges watching him. He plans to do a few flag football tournaments in Seattle in March where he will continue to get more exposure. I could not be more proud of this boy! My eyes are welling up with tears as I type this. This boy is special, he’s incredibly talented and maybe one day I’ll share even more on that, but for now, I’ll leave it here. While he was in Dallas, he also turned 16! How?! And now we have a child learning to drive. He passed his learners test this week. So many exciting things for this kid! It’s been so incredible to watch Nolan grow up. It used to scare me, the idea of him not being little anymore but now I’m just so excited for what lies ahead of him. He works hard and I believe he will see big rewards.

Oh me? Ya I’m good. Still tired but I’m really good at being exhausted and still getting life done. That makes sense… I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered the not showering thing, but I’m pretty close. Definitely mastering the no shaving… TMI?! Sorry. But let’s face it. My child free hours are so limited. I’m never guaranteed naptime, but a good day gives me 2 hours to myself where I need to squeeze in a workout (#beachbod) and if I have to shower that day (emphasis on HAVE TO), that’s a wrap for naptime, and adding shaving to the equation takes away from my hair blow dry time…if I decide my hair needs a wash. It’s complicated.

Tom is still beasting out at work. He’s busy and busy is good. It’s also still travel season. Basically he just doesn’t travel if I have a baby, or in the summers he’s usually more local. So I’m still waiting to hear if he’s going to Africa in 10 days. No, not joking and he’s likely reading this so he should decide if he’s going or not… Sorry to put you, my reader, in an awkward position… Africa will be the first BIG trip of the year. I’m working very hard on making myself a priority and pouring a little more into myself. It’s my New Years resolution. I just really want to be the best wife/mother/friend I can be, and I can’t be my best unless I take care of myself. Simple yet so complex…

Can you believe I almost forgot about Bastian?! He is 8 months old now. Sort of shimmying, not crawling but moving around. He is getting to be so much fun. He loves his family so much! Wylder makes him laugh more than anyone. He is just getting so cute, I can hardly handle it. His little fat face is my favourite! We are also FINALLY sleeping through the night! Hallelujah!


I know I always say it but I plan to blog more because I love it. It makes me happy. I just lack the energy and inspiration on most days. I am however cooking amazing meals, paleo yes, we are back on track(ish) but if you’d like, I will share!

Happy New Year friends! I’m really excited to see what 2018 holds for us. I feel like it’s going to be our year!


I joined a bible study this fall. If I’m being honest, I had no idea what exactly I was committing myself to, but I’m now 7 weeks into the 8 month program and it has been so rewarding, especially in my family life. As most of you might know, this season of life has been so busy and incredibly overwhelming for me. Tom has been traveling a ridiculous amount for work, and when he is home he is still working 10 hours a day. Nolan just wrapped up playing football on both the junior and senior varsity football teams, and in case you don’t follow me on instagram…we have two babies under 2! I obsessively post pictures of them so maybe you’ve unfollowed me due to the baby spamming… I’m holding down the fort, trying to keep my head above water. I have some amazing days and some terrible days. It’s definitely challenging but I’m doing it.

Part of why I joined my bible study was to be able to have one morning a week where the babies would go to daycare and I would have a break and also be able to do something for myself. Guys, it has blown my mind! Every week I go and I just feel so encouraged and I’m learning so much about myself and maybe even finding myself again.

Last week the topic was Values and Ideals. This is something that has been on my heart for a long time now but I never really put too much thought into what exactly I do value or the things I thought I valued but don’t actually live out which makes them my ideals. A value is a deeply held belief that possesses the worth to influence decisions made and actions taken. They are the convictions that travel with us through life’s challenges and opportunities. They are matters of the heart that result in commitments. Actual values will dictate behaviour. Ideals are the values we desire to hold, but don’t actually practice.

The discussion with this amazing group of women I get the pleasure of meeting with weekly was so encouraging and uplifting. We went around and shared our top 5 values and it was so beautiful. I was so inspired by it that I decided I would bring it home. That night after we put the babies to bed I asked Tom and Nolan to come to the table. With only minimal resistance, I was able to convince them to participate in my activity. We wrote down our top values and ideals and then shared them openly. Wow! I couldn’t believe how beautiful this exercise was and I immediately had to stop myself from disrupting the beautiful moment to declare how genius my idea was! Then I asked them to write down what values we see in each other and we shared them as well. This opened up an intentional, uplifting conversation that was so raw and real. How many times have I thought about these amazing qualities and beautiful characteristics these guys possess and I’ve never said it out loud to them and vice versa. What happened next was my teenager, who on most days says 5 words total to me, he opened up and just started talking to us. I love hearing his heart and his intentions. I knew it was going to be good but I never anticipated how good!! It was hands down the most amazing family building moment we have ever had. We will definitely revisit this in a year or so. Talk about rewarding! All three of us are on a journey of personal growth on all different levels. I am constantly encouraged and inspired by both Tom and Nolan. I do think that is partly why I haven’t had a mental breakdown of some sort…

One big reason this was important for me to do with the boys is because I so desire to have strong, healthy, life long relationships in my family. You see I value honesty, open communication, and love without boundaries or conditions. Growing up I saw many broken relationships within my immediate family as well as extended family and beyond that with friends. I want Nolan to always feel close to Tom and I and to actually want to come home and visit us once he ventures off to college!

I highly encourage everyone to do this with your children one day when they are teenagers. It would also be pretty great to do with your spouse. You can even do it on your own and maybe get to know yourself a little better! I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results and it might actually reveal some things about yourself you weren’t even aware of.

Some sample values for you to work off of:








Good reputation











Hard work









Leisure time



Passion peace

Physical health






Self esteem

Sense of fairness



Sense of humour

Time with family




And a current picture of the babies who are so freaking cute for at least one moment every single day!! And Nolan, doing what he loves and kicking serious butt these days in the football world (one day I might share all the amazing things he has going on…he is the best)!

Happy News

It’s been over a week since I got my ultrasound results and to be honest, it’s taking me a bit to let it all to sink in.  It’s excellent news.  A miracle actually.  I was diagnosed in January with a grade 4 anterior complete placenta previa…a worst case scenario.  This type doesn’t move, or so I was told.  My OB even said they generally don’t do a follow up ultrasound for my situation because nothing ever changes.  Then on top of that, it being anterior and me being at risk for it to very likely to be fused to my scar and hearing my OB prepare me to hemorrhage severely and maybe even spend time in the ICU.  This baby was also booked for a 35 week delivery which had me stressing for other reasons.  

At my last appointment, my OB came in the room and said she was completely dumbfounded.  She’s never seen anything like this.  My placenta moved up a whopping 6.5cm, it’s completely cleared my scar.  I almost don’t believe it after how stressful the past two months have been.  

I’m allowed to go for walks again, YAY!  But I’m still scared to go by myself just in case.  The best part is that we are back on track to have this baby on our original c-section date and unless something crazy comes up on the next ultrasound, he will be full term!  Tom said this all happened because he just booked a work trip right when the new baby date is…I also went and bought this baby a preemie outfit which I had to go back a couple days later to return.  

It’s all excellent news!  A complete miracle!  I wish I could embrace it, but I’m still just waiting for my next ultrasound and basically until this baby is here in my arms, then I’ll be able to truly breathe again!   My OB is having someone review my last two scans just to be sure this is actually all good news.  She is still going to take precautions for my c-section and have a super team in the OR just to be on the safe side which makes me feel good. Hopefully everything still looks good and the placenta hasn’t moved back by my next ultrasound, I make it to my new date without going into labor and we get to come home soon after it’s all over!

We are being cautious with our celebrating because we don’t want to get too excited in the case that things change yet again, which seems to happen at every doctors appointment and it’s become very hard to plan!  We are taking it one day at a time and for now it’s nice to be able relax a little bit and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy [minus the heartburn, rib kicks and sore back].  Enjoying the last few weeks of being a family of 4, sleeping through the [most] nights, and not juggling 2 babies yet!  

We are 8 weeks away from meeting baby.  So thankful for the extra weeks we’ve been given to cook this boy longer!  Thank you to all of our friends and family for the prayers, the positive vibes and kind words you sent to us.